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The Digital Brothers

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The Process

About Us...

The Digital Brothers Design Process

Over the years we have developed our own methodology that we implement for all projects whether it be web, video, multimedia etc. The Design principles work for whichever project our clients require. These 4 steps to our design process are as follows:


1. The Conceptual Phase

Everything begins with the client's concept. When submitting the information to us, the client describes this concept and lets us know the goal of the project. Based on a request, we define the project objectives based on years of experience and pull together the elements to get the project underway.


2. The Development Phase

In this phase we gather together the source materials and artwork elements which will be reflected within the project, and start work on the graphic design. From the creating of the first sketches, until the final design is picked, we work closely with clients, implementing ideas in a usable, creative and clear way.


3. The Testing Phase

After all artistic touches are completed and approval is received, the project goes into the next phase.


4. Client Support Phase

Once the project is complete we don't leave our business clients out to dry. We continue to stand by our work by assisting with ongoing project development, marketing, consulting and ongoing technical support so that your project will be a success and continue to grow and evolve as the market grows and evolves. That is The Digital Brothers promise to all of our customers. Our work ethic that has allowed us to continue to grow and be a success in the industry.

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Our Goal:

To provide cost effective technological solutions for home, small & big business.


After over 20 years of service working in this field, we decided to utilize our talents to develop & cultivate our vision to benefit the community.


Our Motto:

Your Success Is Our Success.